As in life, I find it impossible to focus on any one thing.

Blogging 101

In 2011, everyone blogs. There are blogs about cooking, blogs about organizing, about using Quickbooks, about travel, and even blogs about blogging. This blog, which is actually my second (the first being a travelogue of our trip to Alaska), is about… well, unfortunately, it’s about everything. I’m taking a blogging class at San Diego Writers, Ink and as part of our first assignment, we were told to choose a niche. Ha! If only I could choose a niche. In any given week, my interests run from scrapbooking to crocheting, to movies, to writing, to photography, to genealogy, to my next get-away and where to go, to learning more about non-profits, to yoga and pilates, to blogging and, eventually, to all the subjects I don’t even know I don’t know about, yet.

Follow me on this, my journey into the world of blogging. Let’s pray for focus.



  Colleen Lanin (@TravelMamas) wrote @

Love your summary of ALL that you will be blogging about! wrote @

This Twitter thing has all the makings of an anathema – Congrats on your doing them and making sense – I havn’t yet mustered the strength – really like your blog’s layoul

  chargerblues wrote @

The blog looks great! It looks like one that has been up for a few years not a few weeks. Congrats!

  Stacy wrote @

Hey Dan, thanks! That’s quite a compliment, espeically with only 2 posts. 🙂

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