As in life, I find it impossible to focus on any one thing.


Stacy Magic is a southern California native, who would travel the world, if not for the fact that she is chained to a desk, in a room, in a building, eeking out a living. When she manages to play, she crochets gifts, scrapbooks memories and family history, reads in the 10 minute cracks available between all the other stuff, and segues through multiple movies with her husband, Dave Guinn, most Sundays. Her latest thrill is art. Never having been interested in visual art, she has tried her hands at watercolor, Zentangle, collage and painting. She likes it and plans to keep doing it. Who knows where doing art might lead?


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  sandiegoscribe wrote @

Hi, Stacy – I actually very much admire your blog not just for content, but also all of the images. I am very challenged and can’t figure that out. That’s why I picked the text-focus format. Hopefully I will learn more tonight. Looking forward to seeing you. Patricia

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